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Kumano Brush

Kumano Brush Multi Makeup Brush

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Make-up is quick, easy, and beautifully finished. Can be used for base makeup, foundation (cream, liquid, powder) cheek, highlight, sun cream and multi. The diagonal shape of the brush makes it easy to adhere to the skin, and it can be used in a variety of ways with just one brush.

Change your brush instead of changing your foundation! A beautiful, natural finish that looks as if you've changed your foundation! !

Mixed hair of Sokoho (luxury goat hair) and PBT (synthetic fiber) harvested from the chest of goats. The unique shape of the brush and the unevenness of the bristles allow your usual foundation to adhere to your skin naturally and firmly, leading to a beautiful finish that does not crumble.

[Brush cleaning method]

① Dissolve a neutral detergent in a container such as a washbasin or a cup containing lukewarm water.
Soak the hair part in it and let it blend in to remove dirt (shake wash, knead wash).
*If using soap (unscented), dissolve the soap in lukewarm water and pat the brush in one direction to create lather.

② When the dirt is removed, rinse well repeatedly.
*At this time, if the handle gets wet, it may come off easily from the metal fittings, so be careful.

(3) With the ends facing downward, dry in a well-ventilated shade.

*The bristles of makeup brushes are vulnerable to moisture, so it is best to wash them as delicately as possible.

In addition to stains caused by cosmetics, the growth of bacteria caused by sebum can also cause odors. If you are concerned about dirt, we recommend washing with water (washing).

Kumano Brush Multi Makeup Brush
Kumano Brush Multi Makeup Brush
Kumano Brush Multi Makeup Brush
Kumano Brush Multi Makeup Brush


The makeup brushes are soft and gentle on the skin, making them easy to use. Finished without wrinkling or makeup floating.

Female in her 40s

Make-up is quick, easy and beautiful without wrinkling or floating. It looks like a professional finish just by stretching it with a brush without any technique.

Female in her 30s

Fine wrinkles and pores that cannot be applied by hand can be easily finished. The number of times you need to retouch your makeup is also reduced, so you can spend the whole day comfortably. It is also a perfect gift for your friends.

Female in her 40s

You can easily apply makeup without getting your hands dirty. Until now, it took time to wash your hands several times, but you can finish it beautifully in a short time!

Female in her 30s

The finish is like changing cosmetics! I am very satisfied with the finish of my natural makeup!

Female in her 40s


  • made in Japan

    Manufactured in Kumano Town, Hiroshima Prefecture

  • handmade

    1 piece, 1 piece, made with great care

  • all skin skin

    For those with sensitive skin

  • official online

    genuine authentic

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