``Kumano Fude Facial Cleansing Brush'' that removes pore dirt smoothly, created by craftsmanship that has been around for 190 years.

Frictionless facial cleansing with fresh cream foam for clear, moist and glossy skin

Clear blackheads and pores! "Every time you wash it, it becomes beautiful"

A micro face wash that removes dirt from the entire face and deep nostrils with fine hair to smooth pores. About 200,000 pores in the face are cleared, and skin care penetrates steadily.

Approaching skin problems such as "pore dirt" that causes disturbance of the rhythm of skin rebirth. It is "clear bare skin" that gives a youthful impression to the appearance age

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What effect did you experience after using the facial cleansing brush?

Many people have told us that their skin is in good condition. It brings out the original beauty and leads to healthy skin.

Thoroughly removes pore dirt and gently prepares even skin that tends to fluctuate. Washing your face is the most important part of skincare!

Wash your face with whipped foam like fresh cream

A face wash that takes care of your skin and nurtures healthy skin. The dense and dense foam comfortably removes dirt from pores without putting a burden on the skin, and delivers moisture deep into the skin with fine foam.

You can easily create dense foam with a cleansing brush using soap or a general facial cleanser.

It is also recommended for those who have dry skin and need to take care of pores with age.

For those with dry or sensitive skin, many of the pore care methods are

There are many care methods that make you feel uneasy, "What if my skin gets rough with this?"

My skin is too sensitive to wash my face clean by hand.

If you have sensitive skin, you will be worried about commercially available pore care products that are highly irritating.

"In the busyness of everyday life, I can't easily receive special care at beauty salons and clinics. I wish I could easily solve it with daily skin care."

The solution to this problem is the “Kumano Brush Facial Cleansing Brush” that gently cleanses the skin without friction.

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I can't drop it by hand! Micro cleaning to the depths of the pores

Keratin beauty for healthy skin. Creating beautiful bare skin that makes you want to touch it

It is said that there are approximately 200,000 pores on the face and each pore is 0.2mm in diameter.

It uses fine and soft hair from Sokoho (luxury goat hair) to clear pores. If you wash your hands, the pores are still clogged with dirt after washing your face. Removes the cause of dullness caused by dirt.

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Eliminates skin problems caused by clogged pores

When I feel that my skin is not in good condition, I tend to forget that the skin I have now is the skin that was created about a month ago. Skin reincarnation = Our skin is reborn around 30 days by turnover.

The turnover cycle also changes depending on your age and environment, but the skin you are touching now is the skin that was born about a month ago, not yesterday. Dry damage from the previous season accumulates, making it easier for the skin's barrier function and moisturizing function to drop. "Pollen," "dry wind," "ultraviolet rays," and "external factors" get tangled up in this dry skin, making it easy to fluctuate. The sun continues to shine brightly, and during the rainy season there is a lot of rain and humidity.

Impressive experience of clogged pores with a facial cleansing brush

It is said that skin that is not cleansed properly becomes dry and loses its resistance to skin problems. It is important to clean the dirt properly. The effect of skin care is demonstrated when the skin is clean and clear to the back of the pores.

Elvi's unique cleansing brush

The tip is a mixture of Sokoho and synthetic fibers. By using mixed hair, it is easier to create a dense foam for the brush, improving durability and quick-drying. The tip is designed to cleanse the entire face and deep pores of the nostrils.

Gently wash the skin with goat hair, and the synthetic fiber hair cleanses deep into the pores.

Once you use it, there is no doubt that you will be addicted to its comfort!

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Kumano brush certification mark with authentic label

Unified brand mark of the Kumano Brush Business Cooperative Trademark Registration "Kumano, the City of Brushes" Kumano brushes manufactured in Kumano Town, Aki District, Hiroshima Prefecture have a unified brand mark attached.

Kumano Fude is a traditional handicraft of Hiroshima Prefecture and is famous for its makeup brushes.

Developed jointly with Chikuhodo, a long-established Kumano brush maker in Hiroshima Prefecture founded in 1952.

You can experience the outstanding "skills" of traditional crafts called Fudeshi, which are highly acclaimed around the world. It has been highly evaluated by domestic and overseas famous brands and makeup artists for its good touch on the skin of the brush, and has collaborated with many . Kumano brushes have earned a high reputation as one of the world's leading makeup brushes, thanks to their reliable craftsmanship.

Please enjoy the [craftsmanship] of Kumano brush craftsmen, who are highly acclaimed around the world.

Carefully handcrafted one by one

A traditional craft designated by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry. Genuine, high-quality Japanese Kumano brushes made in Kumano, Hiroshima Prefecture

Kumano Brush Facial Cleansing Brush Set of 2

Set of 2 at a great price

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Kumano Brush Body Brush (Body/Face)

A body brush made with the same bristles as facial makeup brushes. The bristles are the same as those for the face, so it is comfortable for people with sensitive skin, and cleanses the entire face and body with just one bottle. The brush is gentle on the skin, so it is recommended for children and pregnant women.

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Kumano Brush Multi Makeup Brush

Make-up is quick, easy, and beautifully finished. Change your brush instead of changing your foundation! For a beautiful, natural finish that looks as if you've changed your foundation.

One brush can be used for multiple purposes, such as base makeup, foundation (cream, liquid, powder), cheeks, and highlights, so there is no need to change brushes for each makeup. Makes makeup fun and easy.

The unique shape of the brush and the unevenness of the bristles allow your usual foundation to adhere to your skin naturally and firmly, leading to a beautiful finish that does not crumble.

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